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Start-ups go here! Here is where we listen to you. Do you have a break-through technology? A new approach to business? An algorithm, to increase our operating efficiency? Customer pools who should be getting insurance from Allianz? Or are you maybe a corporate with a relevant suggestion? A university with cutting-edge research? Here, describe what you have, upload material and suggest use cases. We will review your suggestion and likely get in touch for further discussion. Once we agree on a way forward, we will create a space for you on this very platform. Stakeholders from around the region will engage and implementation follow suit.

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Below, you will find a comment section and the possibility to upload pitch material. We would like to understand who you are, what your solution to a problem is, how you create value to us and our customers and describe a use case in our environment.

Hint: This is not where you upload a pdf and ask for funding. First, we would like to get to know you.

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We will contact you to discuss and evaluate your suggestion together with you.

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We will help you set up your own space on this platform, where you can describe your solution, market address and use cases. Our regional experts and executive team will review the opportunity you describe and if you pique their interest, we will facilitate meeting them.

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We are looking forward to hearing all about your unique suggestion on how to start-up Allianz!

    new products and suggestions

    I keep an eye out for latest technology startups and trends. In pakistan, planet N group of companies, kreditgeek plans on launching micro insurance, voluntary pensions, nano credits and savings through mobile phones and applying data science to it. i think you should get in touch with them.
    secondly, my own idea is to sell acid burn insurance to (all female) victims in NGOs in pakistan. this can be a truly innovative product and NGOs and micro finance have huge presence in Pakistan already.
    allianz should focus on peer to peer insurance model like lemonade too. its strikingly similar to takaful;
    utilize IoT in wellness products and property products for preventions.
    . Informal economy is many times larger than the formal economy. in developing countries Almost every local community has revolving savings called ‘committees’. Make an uber type application to bring them into one platform and provide savings, investment and insurance to it. This will increase financial inclusion, micro insurance and the dismal insurance penetration in developing countries.
    Pension welfare crises is in the trillions in developed countries. Developing countries like pak has 60% young population. How to increase financial inclusion in developing countries and reduce the funding deficit in developed countries at the same time? Make a bond to connect the two demographics. Young people in developing countries save in voluntary pensions and provide the deposits; developed countries give the returns. Demographic bond is better than immigration and other ways of connecting the east with the west especially since now we are entering into anti-globalization and waves of populism. This demographic bond seems very un-conventional but then we have to realize that if Allianz ART could make a catastrophe swap using bitcions, then this too is possible.
    Syed Danish 5 months ago on the 15.03.2017 12:32


    I’m a financial services manager in the life, health and general insurance industry. Having been in this profession for more than 7 years, I realise that there’s a huge gap (and hence opportunity) for referrals between insurance agents and their clients to other professions.
    For example, I recently met a pregnant client who asked me if I had any lobangs (Malay word for opportunities and good deals) for gynaecologist and confinement nanny. Another client, whose dad passed on, asked if I had any recommendations for a funeral director and lawyer to settle her dad’s final affairs. Several clients who wanted to buy, sell or rent a property asked if I could refer them to a good property agent I personally know.
    With the advent of technology, information is readily available online; consumers can even purchase insurance directly online without going through an insurance agent. Aviva CEO Mark Wilson commented in November 2016 that the number of insurance agents could halve over the next three years due to digital sales. Thus, it is now a crucial and urgent period for insurance agents to rethink their value propositions: how to value add to their clients beyond the mere selling of insurance products.
    GotLobang aims to be the platform to help insurance agents value add to their clients, by creating an online network whereby one can refer business to another for the product and/or service he/she lacks, and vice versa. For example, if an insurance agent has a client who wants to buy a property, he can refer this client to a property agent in the network; and if a property agent has a client who wants to buy insurance, he can refer this client to an insurance agent in the network.
    More details with regards to the monetisation of the business and beta version of the website could be discussed during a meet-up. Thank you for considering my idea. I hope to hear positive news from you soon.
    Insurtech Wealthtech
    Kelvin 8 months ago on the 07.12.2016 03:29
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