UNIQUELY TikkR — MOMENTS When things go wrong, it happens in a moment. TikkR protection is designed to protect you in every moment where things could go wrong — by combining multiple insurance covers into a single seamless shield of protection. Each kind of moment has a custom blend of covers, depending on what you are doing during that moment, and what needs protecting. And while things go wrong in just a moment, the duration of a TikkR cover covers your activity from start to finish – whether you’re on your daily commute, skiing the Alps with friends, flying with family to vacation paradise, or pumping iron during your daily workout.

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TikkR was one of the 20 finalists during the 2016 Singapore Fintech Festival Hackcelerator. Allianz with a modular and open API strategy is uniquely positioned to pioneer this concept. While AXA partneres with Trov (http://www.insuranceage.co.uk/insurance-age/news/2478068/insurtech-futures-axa-teams-up-with-trov-app), let's build Moments for the millenial lifestyle: on-demand, simple, seamless, affordable.


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