So what do I do?

As a start-up

Great you found us. Welcome! We are here to facilitate your international scaling together with our Allianz Operating entities in the APAC region and who knows, the globe. 

  1. Sign up, start an open innovation project here
  2. Tell us about your start-up. What do you hope to achieve, what have you achieved, how would you like to collaborate
  3. We will contact you and establish how we collaborate to start up Allianz and reinvent insurance

As an Allianz employee

  1. Sign up, wait for us to verify your Allianz email address
  2. Learn about the start-ups, reach out and collaborate, Asia Lab is happy to facilitate
  3. Contribute with your own start-ups that we don`t know yet. We are eager to get to know them

As an interested party

  1. Register and log-in
  2. See what we are up to, at least what we can share at this stage
  3. Stay tuned, we are on the road to changing insurance, you are a vital part of that. As customer, investor, partner or prospect, do not hesitate to reach out with ideas

About Allianz Asia Lab Digital Arena

Allianz Asia Lab is where the expertise of insurance meets the agility of the start-up world.

Where we combine latest technology with the understanding of how we serve customers.

Where we build the future on our inherent strengths.

Where we combine hard data insights with passionate vision.

Where you contribute.

Together with you, we want to build the future for insurance. What that looks like? We are convinced that together, we will find out. It's a journey of exploration, of trying new things, of failing and succeeding. We don't have all the answers, we are looking to be ready for what the future has in store.

The world is changing. We have the unique opportunity to carry this change into our industry, into the way we work and in the way we engage with customers and create future value for them.

When a proposition solves a pain point for the customer, improves the life of communities and is in our business interests, that proposition is a wining one.

There are two ways in which to participate:

  1. Contribute your opinions, votes and ideas to existing concepts on the platform
  2. Open up your own ideas for all of us to contribute and make it even better