What are we frequently asked, you ask?

Glad you did. We are just going live, so give our great users some time to come up with questions. If you already have one, great, that just made the list.

Use the contact form and we will put up an answer and questions right here. Up until the frequency increases that is.

For starters:

I am a start-up or other innovative person from an SME, a global corporate or a university

Q: Am I allowed to contribute my idea?

A: Absolutely! Even though this is targeted at start-ups, please do contribute your ideas, regardless of whether that comes from a start-up or corporate.

Q: How do i contribute?

A: First, create an account. Head over here and pitch your idea or start-up. Please include a link to your homepage, if any, or upload documents like your pitch deck. We will review this and share with the platform users.

Q: Do you share everything you receive?

A: No, we don't. The Allianz Asia Lab team will review and reach out to you for clarification. However, we will only publish opportunities we find relevant.

I am simply interested in learning more

Q: Can I still sign up?

A: Certainly. In the current scope, the platform collects both solutions as well as problem statements and matches them to Allianz operating entities and start-ups respectively. As a third party, you are welcome to contribute by adding your own idea or just look at what may just be the future of insurance in its early stage.

How do you define the "tags"?

Tags are our way of structuring topics. Whereas Mobility, Smart City and Health are all core businesses and customer facing, Insurtech and Analytics mostly help Allianz through process and value chain focused innovation in serving our existing customers better.

As a partner (start-up, university, corporate partner), we would like to understand what service, technology or platform you have that creates value to us and our customers.

Smart Mobility: As a major car insurer, Allianz has a deeply-routed interest in helping people understand the implications of the smart and self driving vehicles revolution. Topics in this bucket include pay-as-you-drive, self-driving cars, mobility-as-a-service, city-scale implication of smart traffic. As a partner, Allianz aims to give customers peace of mind when being mobile and protect every aspect of their journey with products and services.

Smart City: With a heritage in property insurance and financing, on both private and commercial side, Allianz wants to learn how IoT (the internet of things) and smart homes impact the lives of customers now and in the future and what needs arise. Understanding these needs, we seek to make associated risks transparent and provide peace of mind.

Connected Health: As an insurer of life and health, it is vital for Allianz to look for new ways of helping customers stay healthy and get healthy as soon as possible again, should they fall ill or hurt themselves. Break-through medical advances allows us to proactively create transparency about health issues and health deteriorating behaviors. Our customers need to be given transparency on their health. Allianz is committed to enabling people to live healthier lives.

Insurtech: Allianz understands that start-ups find new ways of doing things across all parts of the insurance value chain. We welcome these improvements and seek to make them available to our customer base. Whether it's new to the world, new to the industry or new to certain markets, reach out. We are here to partner.

Analytics: Data is becoming ubiquitous and understanding and acting on data is what successful players in any industry need to do. Allianz wants to leverage data for our customers while protecting their private data with the highest standards available.