2017, a new year, new opportunities

Posted on 22.01.2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

As we move into the closing week of January, It is time to reflect on 2016, and look ahead to 2017. It is the time between the start of the year between the Gregorian calendar and Lunar (or Chinese) calendar, a new start across cultures and geographies.

2016 brought us the launch of Allianz Asia Lab and later in the year, we took a swing at bringing the innovation power of start-ups and of Allianz employee base together on this platform, which we called Allianz Digital Arena.

While we are happy with this first shot, we would be ill advised in the start-up community to not constantly learn and improve our product based on customer feedback.

First, we will make it easier to share your start-up ideas. We have received several ideas and are working internally and with submitting partners on making them a reality.

In 2017, we will continue to involve more of our colleagues in the various markets and call on you to pitch your start-ups and ideas here. We aim to build a pipeline of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial ideas to increase the value proposition to our customers.

Looking forward to this journey, together with you

Allianz Asia Lab